IP: mc.gamster.org
A modern survival server with plenty of fun twists. Great economy, player-owned shops, lottery, auction, casino, and a huge dynamic global shop to buy items.

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Build anything you can imagine in huge 99x99 plots. Creative Mode removes a character's Inventory, and replaces it with a menu of all objects.

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Survive with just a few items in this classic gamemode. Level up your island, build with friends, and complete trickly challenges to get to the top!

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Do battle with players in the sky! Loot chests for equipment, build bridges to other player's islands, raid the loot chest in the middle, and fight to be the last player standing.

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Fight against others with custom kits that you create! Choose from 200 abilites and tons of arenas and playstyles to find your favorite. Gain trophies in leagues.

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